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Dhaka needs to provide strong, unassailable evidence

DHAKA : Bangladesh needs to provide “strong and unassailable evidence” backed up by documents to make its case as a high-profile delegation of the UN Security Council is set to visit Rohingya camp on Sunday, says an international analyst, reports UNB.
“Of course, the refugees are incontrovertible proof of persecution and ethnic cleansing, but thus far it hasn’t been enough,” Ali Riaz, a Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Illinois State University, USA told UNB.
He said the UN should understand it has a stake, too. “Thus far, it has failed [to deal with] Rohingya refugees. It’ is unconscionable and it cannot be continued any longer.”
Prof Riaz said, “Hopefully the cycle of inaction will be broken.”
Bangladesh is stressing the need for keeping up pressure on Myanmar from different levels for resolving the Rohingya crisis, an official said, adding that the government remained engaged globally.
Asked about the importance of UNSC team’s visit, he said the importance of the UNSC visit to Bangladesh and Myanmar cannot be overstated.
He said the visit should have taken place a long time ago but Myanmar’s refusal had precluded it.
“It has stakes for Bangladesh and the UNSC. The stakes are higher for Bangladesh as it will be on Bangladesh to sway the members of the UNSC to act,” Prof Riaz explained.
Myanmar, on the other hand, according to Prof Riaz, will be happy with the status quo.
The analyst said since the crisis began Bangladesh’s diplomatic efforts have been largely reactive, and it did not do very well in shaping the course of the actions of the international community either.
“Bangladesh has to provide strong and unassailable evidence backed up by documents to make its case,” he said.
Whether it will succeed or conversely more pressure will be exerted on Myanmar depends on Bangladesh’s strong diplomatic efforts as a follow-up to the UNSC trip, Prof Riaz said.
“I’m afraid that Myanmar may use this as a public relation ploy and try to push the issue off the agenda of international community,” he said.
Prof Riaz observed that reactive posture of Bangladesh and the bilateral agreement with Myanmar have not produced any tangible results.
He said the appointment of a Special Envoy on Myanmar by the UN Secretary General is a positive development and indicates the willingness of the UN to continue its efforts.
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday announced the appointment of Christine Schraner Burgener of Switzerland as his new special envoy on Myanmar.
Burgener brings over 25 years of experience in diplomacy having served in various high-level government positions in the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.
Bangladesh currently has a Rohingya population, which is far more than Bhutan’s entire population. Bhutan has around 800,000 people whereas Bangladesh had to give shelter to some 1.2 million Rohingyas.
Meanwhile, according to Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam, at least two lakh Rohingyas went aboard with Bangladeshi passports and they are earning there and sending money to Myanmar.
Bangladesh and Myanmar signed the repatriation agreement on November 23, 2017. On January 16, Bangladesh and Myanmar signed a document on ‘Physical Arrangement’ which will facilitate the return of Rohingyas to their homeland from Bangladesh.
The ‘Physical Arrangement’ stipulates that the repatriation will be completed preferably within two years from the start of repatriation.

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